About BodyChip

BodyChip is a Human micro-transponder or "microchip" implants that can provide a range of benefits and uses, from opening doors, starting cars and storing medical data. It's a passive near field communications device inserted by certified biohackers. It does not contain a battery, tracking systems or any GPS enablements.

The BodyChip install enables the carrier to increase their security in the digital world, provide 100% identification clearance, and unlimited seamless experiences with their connected surroundings.

We are developing a range of uses in the medical arena, from aiding those with limited use of their hands, amputees and individuals suffering from a range of conditions which may be aided with implanted access technology and storage of medical data. It is in our DNA to practice a safe and secure install with minimal environmental impacts.

We have a range of exciting developments in progress since 1999.

Being an early adopter isn’t only being one of the nerds trying everything new. It’s being an essential part of change. Change is progress, progress is key to betterment.

We are happy to discuss the concepts and ways it can improve your organisation's security, privacy and efficiency. Please get in touch.